• Vice-president (Chairman) EUROPA FM
  • Project manager for Lagardere Group
  • Former TVR President

I am aware of the activities accomplished by MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL for several years now, and I can say with no hesitation that everything achieved during all these years it’s defined under one word: quality. Even when it worked with companies that had almost no potential, speaking in terms of publicity, MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL succeeded in finding the appropriate resources and transformed them into successful media. When it comes to Europa FM Radio Station, which has a specific target that has never been valued, I am sure that if MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL took over the sales department it would succeed in short time to induce the necessary means for a public radio in order to develop projects specific to the broadcasts station. When speaking about MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL, one speaks about Mihai Craiu. He is the founding member of this successful company and in my opinion Mihai Craiu represents success and is the guarantee for achieving the best results on the media market. The company can administer a well integrated concept which brings important incomes for a media channel.

There’s freedom in doing things your way, in being independent and this freedom often leads to spectacular, outstanding performances. As all good things, however, this freedom has its price: the price of permanently surpassing one's limits.
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At Media Consulta International, we value the importance of global players on local markets, in terms of business strengths as well as international know how.

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