For the past 20 years Mihai Craiu orchestrated the launch and development of some of the most important Media Channels of the Romanian market. He held various Editorial, PR, Sales and Management positions. Thus his style of management reconciles both the editorial and commercial sides of the media business and makes the most out of this convergence. In his past experience he headed Business Development for the main TV channels: PRO TV, Antena 1, Antena 3, Antena 1 Constanta. During 2001 – 2008 Mihai Craiu orchestrated the positioning of Jurnalul National daily magazine as Number 1 on the Romanian daily quality newspaper market (in terms of readership, circulation and reputation). 

In 2004 he was one of the three founders of the Business Magazine Saptamana Financiara; which he transformed (as General Manager and Shareholder) into the Business Press market leader, dethroning the previous leader for 15 years, Capital. He was the first to innovate within the media industry and turn the crisis upside down. In 2009, a year when all media producers were facing the peak of the financial crisis Mihai Craiu launched Realitatea Barter Deals. Following its success, all Media Sales for REALITATEA TV and Romantica TV have been outsourced to MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL (the full service business consultancy firm that Mihai Craiu founded seven years ago). Innovation, challenging the market and swimming against the current when vision dictates are part of his DNA: 2011 was a time when all media producers were mostly seeking to protect their investment and felt threatened by the uncertain economic times, coupled with the fast pace of the technological development. Yet Mihai Craiu reframed the industry again, by founding two more ambitious media products: Realitatea Constanta (the main territorial TV channel in Dobrogea) and the Television School ‘Tudor Vornicu’, a New Media Lab at the forefront of fusion journalism, with focus on Social TV.


“Success in Media Sales is interdependent with Product Development, and the entire Marketing and Business Strategy”







 Turning the crisis upside down

During the challenging years of economic crisis 2009 – 2010, Mihai Craiu has set-up Realitatea Media Barter Deals (RMBD) as the first Romanian Barters Bank in order to transform the financial crisis’s threats (lack of media investments) into a relevant opportunity (media barter) and make good use of the new market’s needs (media consumption with different, easier and more flexible payment options).

RMBD is managing investments for clients in the following fields: Auto, FMCG, Retail Banking, Insurance, and Travel.

Since 2011, Mihai Craiu is also handling REALITATEA Group’s Media Sales operations.










REAL ESTATE         








I strongly believe in the touristic and business potential of the Southern Romanian Region. We intend to empower it with the most important regional channel for News and Business analysis”

REALITATEA TV CONSTANTA fulfils a need in the Southern Region of Romania for a niche TV channel: the News, Analysis and Business Information Television. “I believe in the strong touristic and business potential of the Southern Region of Romania and I know that nowadays news and analysis shows are supplied by the general content TV channels. However, there is an important need on the market for a dedicated News Television” (Mihai Craiu)


The TV Channel is equipped with the latest British technology and it is also the first local channel to produce local TV Debates and Shows. The Media Sales services are managed by MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL‘s Sales Division and provide an estimated income of EUR 150,000 per year.

REALITATEA TV CONSTANTA is an addition to the other Media business lines launched by Mihai Craiu to enhance the holistic approach of MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL’s Services at the forefront of the Media market: The Media Sales Department, the Social Television School (TV), and the Barters Bank (RMBD).







 Scoala de Televiziune Tudor Vornicu (TvF)


“The web is impacting our most personal daily activities. Media consumption and particularly TV has been completely redefined by the technological fast pace innovations. As an active player on the Romanian TV market, I believe in a new TV business model: The Digitally empowered Social TV.” (Mihai Craiu)

IT’S TV JIM, BUT NOT AS WE KNOW IT Forming the first generations of TV professionals for the media products he is heading is Mihai Craiu’s main objective for TvF. The school is preparing well rounded media specialists: digital natives with strong traditional media background. Being at the forefront of media transformations and the new media business model, the need for media professionals for the post digital world is higher and higher. Thus TvF estimates a market demand of around 600 – 900 students per year. Mihai Craiu owns 75% of TvF with an initial investment of EUR 500,000, out of which EUR 220,000 for equipping the school with the newest technology and the remainder invested in Marketing Services.






PRINTED MEDIA. Business Model Innovation

 Saptamana Financiara

Together with his team of media experts, Mihai Craiu was the first to initiate, as part of the aggressive but smart marketing editorial strategy for Saptamana Financiara, the most important media innovations within the Romanian printed media market: lifestyle supplements, business supplements, books series, DVD series, travel guides.

All these integrated efforts contributed in establishing Saptamana Fiananciara as the indisputable leader on its market, soon followed and copied by several other media products.


Jurnalul National

Mihai Craiu headed Jurnalul National betweeb 2001 and 2008 as a General Manager. It has been his main challenge to make Jurnalul National (on the fifth position at the time) the Number one Romanian newspaper (among quality press).

“Jurnalul National was a heart ache, a back pain and a continuous challenge! Together with Marius Tuca, the Editorial Manager we wanted to make it the newspaper Romanians and Romanian culture identify with. The most Influential, Trustworthy and Loved. We were permanently thinking how to attract more readers while keeping our guiding values” In the summer of 2005, when SNA (The National Bureau of Readership Auditing) results clearly stated that we had reached 1 Million readers, we knew it was not the finish line at all; it was just another beginning of another heart ache, another back pain. We knew we had now an even bigger challenge: to permanently meet the expectations of those 1 Million readers and even always exceed them.”




 “What is Harvard Looking For?”

As a Harvard Business School Alumnus, Mihai Craiu has organized yearly Harvard induction events to inform the Romanian candidates about the opportunities of such a prestigious institution, as well as about its expectations and requirements. 

There’s freedom in doing things your way, in being independent and this freedom often leads to spectacular, outstanding performances. As all good things, however, this freedom has its price: the price of permanently surpassing one's limits.
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