Saptamâna Financiară celebrates its 100th edition

Bucharest, 08th of March 2007 – The magazine „Saptamâna Financiară” celebrated on the 07th of March 2007, two years of presence on the market and its 100th edition. Although it is the latest publication with an economic profile in the media landscape, „Săptămâna Financiară” has earned its well deserved place among the elite of the Romanian economic press as the only business publication which registered an increase in the number of readers according to the latest report of the Focus National Audience Study, currently reaching 230,000 readers per edition.

Antena 2, Săptămâna Financiară and Jurnalul Naţional are sold exclusively through Media Consulta International

The advertising space of the latest TV station of Intact Trust, Antena 2, will be managed exclusively by Media Consulta International. The agency will also exclusively manage the sales of Jurnalul Naţional, and the sales of the weekly business publication, Săptămâna Financiară. The recently released TV station, Antena 2, is run by Mihai Gâdea and will have a new editorial concept, based especially on talk shows.

A new ARA member

Romanian Radio Audience Association (ARA) voted this week the admission of the independent agency, Media Consulta International, as ARA member. ARA evaluates the audience for the following radio stations: SRR, Europa FM, Radio 21, Magic FM, Kiss FM, Pro FM, InfoPro, National FM, Romantic, Radio Total, Radio Guerilla, RFI, City FM, Deea, Itsy- Bitsy.

Media Consulta International manages the advertising space of Felicia magazine and the TV show with the same name

The advertising space of the weekly magazine for mind and soul, Felicia, and the TV show with the same name broadcasted by Antena1 have been exclusively taken over by the independent agency, Media Consulta International.
The agency will provide advertising sale services for the weekly publication, Felicia, and will monitor the TV channel advertising orders from specialized agencies. This partnership will align the sales policy of the two media channels with the increasingly demanding Romanian media market.

Media Consulta, the most successful company of district 1

The top of most successful companies in Bucharest, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in collaboration with the municipality of each district, provides an annual classification of companies according to their activity.
Following the results obtained in 2005, Bucharest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, together with the Municipality of District 1 awarded the 3rd place to the agency Media Consulta International in the section “Consultancy activities for business and management”.

Media Consulta International supports the Awards for Excellence in Public Relations

Media Consulta International supports as main sponsor this year's edition of the Romanian PR Week.
“Experience has taught us the long term value of the Public Relations in the context of a complex business strategy. We also know very well an essential segment in this domain: mass media, because we developed together with the most important press groups. That is why today we are in the position of offering our clients specialized consultancy and services, quantified in Public Relations objectives, not media coverage. Also, we are pleased to carry our work thoroughly and the Awards for Excellence in Public Relations gala fits us like a glove. This is the reason why we got involved in the creation of this event!”, explains Mihai Craiu, Chief Executive Officer, Media Consulta International.

The Government Scholarships program communicates through Media Consulta International

In order to inform the potential applicants to the scholarships offered by the Romanian Government for young people preparing for a carrier in the public administration, the “Romanian Government” Special Scholarships Program (BSGR) will be communicated this year through Media and PR.
The auction to promote the program has been won for an entire year by Integral Advertising for Media Planning & Buying services, together with Media Consulta International for PR services.

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McDonald’s Romania launched a new presentation program of nutritional information on the packaging of its products. The initiative is the first one of this type in the fast food restaurants of Romania.
According to the program, the nutritional information will also be presented on the packaging of most of the products served in McDonald’s restaurants in Romania, in a friendly and easy to grasp format. McDonald’s became this way the first fast food company in the world to present nutritional information on the packaging of its products. The new global initiative of McDonald’s is applied in North America, Europe, Asia and Latin America. In Europe, the new packaging was officially presented at the Winter Olympic Games from Turin, Italy.

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