Based on years of experience in working with News TV Stations, we are proud to represent the fastest growing News TV Channel in Romania. With impressive ratings growth in the first year of its existence, the Channel aims to become the new gold standard for objective and professional journalism.

Romania TV

The most important regional News channel for Dobrogea, the only channel with local programming with political/social/economic debates :


Taraf TV


Dobrogea TV



In a struggling market due to the great lack of cash flow, Media Consulta International offers a viable option through intermediating Barter Deals between clients and the following media channels:

  • Romania TV
  • Dobrogea TV
  • B1 TV
  • CanCan Magazine



Being among the most important Romanian press titles dedicated to women, these magazines cover a broad spectrum of the targeted adult market. Both content and distribution are actively controlled by collaboration with renowned specialists in the pharmaceutical and healthcare fields.

  • Taifasuri
  • Farmacia ta
  • Galenus
  • Tonica
  • Slab sau gras

One magazine dedicated to sports fanatics, men of all age groups who want to live and relive unforgettable moments alongside elite performers of (but not limited to) football.



Magazines aimed at children between 4 years old up to high school age, the following three media products are distributed directly to schools and kindergartens throughout Romania. The content is educational and highly interactive.

  • Pipo
  • Doxi
  • Terra


  • Business TV Show
  • €Profil ©



  • Advertising on Romanian sky slopes (Sinaia, Predeal, Poiana Brasov)

We operate a wide array of outdoor advertising mediums: mesh, banners, stickers, flags, access cards a.s.o., placed in high impact locations for the targeted public: gondolas, ski lifts, safety nets, but also sportsmen equipment sales units.

  • ISM SPORT – Stadium advertising

Media exposure on stadiums during live broadcasts of First League football matches (LED system video animations, layouts).

  • Winmarkt Commercial Center – Mesh facades

•Mesh covers on the facades of the main commercial centres in Sinaia, Busteni, Ramnicu Sarat and Pitesti.

  • Kiselleff Ice Park
  • Ice Dream Skating Park – Iulius Mall, Cluj Napoca
  • Ice Dream Skating Park – Iulius Mall, Suceava
  • Kisellef Ice Park
  • Media exposure on other skating rinks.
  • Bucharest City Challenge – Events advertising

Bucharest City Challenge is an international motor-sport festival (since 2007) which consists of multiple racing series with top-class drivers such as FIA-GT Championship and British Formula 3. The race track is one of the most unique worldwide because it was conceived as a city circuit.

Media coverage includes TV and press (local and international publications), and advertising is also made using large plasma displays, banners, poster and transit campaigns, or online using radio spots.

  • ASESOFT Ploiesti
  • We are the media partner of the most prolific Romanian basketball team.
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