• Vice-president (Chairman) EUROPA FM
  • Project manager for Lagardere Group
  • Former TVR President

I am aware of the activities accomplished by MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL for several years now, and I can say with no hesitation that everything achieved during all these years it’s defined under one word: quality. Even when it worked with companies that had almost no potential, speaking in terms of publicity, MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL succeeded in finding the appropriate resources and transformed them into successful media. When it comes to Europa FM Radio Station, which has a specific target that has never been valued, I am sure that if MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL took over the sales department it would succeed in short time to induce the necessary means for a public radio in order to develop projects specific to the broadcasts station. When speaking about MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL, one speaks about Mihai Craiu. He is the founding member of this successful company and in my opinion Mihai Craiu represents success and is the guarantee for achieving the best results on the media market. The company can administer a well integrated concept which brings important incomes for a media channel.


  • General Manager MACRI PRESS
  • Founder of Medicina Naturista


I own the publication Medicina Naturista and I have been working with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL for the last three years. At that time we didn’t have a brand so I turned to Mihai Craiu. He promised he will help me and I must admit that at first it was not an exclusive contract, it was just a gentlemen’s agreement. However, now I have a strong exclusive contract with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL as they helped me achieve Advertising incomes I haven’t even hoped for. The people here are doing their homework, are well prepared, they form an excellent team and this is how they manage to generate ROI.


  • General Manager of the Weekly Magazine FELICIA

As an editing manager of Saptamana Financiara I have constantly worked with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL and personally with its General Manager, Mihai Craiu. I could say many words about this cooperation that has been very successful, but I will stick to only one word: Professionalism. Together with promptness, creativity, a permanent source of inspiration, correctness.



I have known Mihai Craiu for over 7 years and at the same time I work with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL; we have a very strong partnership based on trust and efficiency. I recommend them to every company that needs professionalism and efficiency.




ASIROM is the largest insurance company in Romania. Our professional partner is MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL since they proved to be very fast, very professional and very creative. This is a requirement for an insurance company: to react to the market very fast and very professionally. As an Austrian, I am used to high quality and professionalism therefore when it comes to IMC I will stick with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL.



I say MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL and I say it with great satisfaction due to our two years partnership. What I can express concerning this company is that it has a lot of experience, know-how and professionalism. That is why we are so pleased to work with them. Today Energy Holding communicates professionally with the help of MEDIA CONSULTA.



  • Official representative of NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC in Romania

We collaborated with Media Consulta in a very creative manner in sales. Mihai Craiu convinced us he will bring new clients and, since we were a TV station at the beginning in media sales on the Romanian market, we have looked for collaborators who could introduce us to this market. Fortunately this happened through Media Consulta. There were numerous situations in which we talked about the ideal viewers profile for our TV Station and Media Consulta was a real help and showed us the means to do this, so that we can bring clients to start this business. We practically started this business with the help of Media Consulta. Mihai Craiu knew the media market, we where new and his experience for us was essential in starting the business and now National Geographic is among the best TV Stations and is on the same level with Discovery Channel. Ours is now a much better positioned TV station than the one that entered the Romanian market 3 years ago. We thank him for offering us, with his help, the possibility to catch up with the best TV Stations and now to even compete with them.


  • Vice-President (Chairman) MERRILL LYNCH

MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL has proved to be a very dynamic company, capable of developing a very strong PR campaign on a very difficult market, and has provided the greatest solution for financial products that has not been done so far in Romania. We are very pleased with the cooperation with them and I recommend them to others.



  • General Manager of the Weekly Sports Magazine FANATIK

A few days ago I was present at the event Most Successful Romanian Brands which took place at the Romanian Athenaeum. There I heard Dan Voiculescu saying: Mihai Craiu became a BRAND and created MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL which is a Successful Brand. We have also been working with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL for over two years and I can say they are excellent people to work with. And indeed, here, people and high quality prevail. MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL is a name like any other name but the company is formed of hard working creative people, guided by a leader: Mihai Craiu. He is also my friend and I can tell Mihai Craiu is a person that breathes Sales.



As one of the largest REAL ESTATE developers in Romania we have worked for many years with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL and I have always found them very effective, incredibly creative, always producing some of the most impressive media and marketing material. I highly recommend them to you.



  • President INTERAGRO

Speaking from the point of view of the manager of a group of 23 companies, some of which are quite big and with national impact, I have to admit that our partnership with MEDIA CONSULTA INTERNATIONAL has become over the years extremely efficient in communicating precise, strong messages regarding our services and our corporate activities.

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