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The International Advertising Association has grown from a tripartite organization (advertisers, agencies and media) into a one-of-a-kind strategic partnership which champions the common interests of all enterprises involved in the branding process.

The IAA has become a brand champion because all aspects of responsible commercial communication which contribute to a brand’ reputation need the freedom to flourish without unwarranted restrictions. Media Consulta International is member of IAA Romania.


The Romanian Association for Audience Measurement (ARMA) was founded in 2001 and consists of three membership categories: TV stations, advertising spenders and media / advertising agencies.

ARMA General Assembly has admitted Media Consulta International as ARMA member (media and advertising agencies category) at the end of March, 2007. Through this membership, the agency benefits from the measurement data provided by the National TV Audience Measurement Service (SNMATV).

There’s freedom in doing things your way, in being independent and this freedom often leads to spectacular, outstanding performances. As all good things, however, this freedom has its price: the price of permanently surpassing one's limits.