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Who we are

We have been operating as a media company since 2003. We first developed our media skills in practice, by being involved in all types of media (television, newspapers, radio, magazines, as well as new media), shoulder to shoulder with the best people on the market.

That is how we came to know the media business, both from an editorial point of view and from the perspective of investment objectives.

We build partnerships with the most representative media vehicles. At the same time, we have developed into a strong, reliable, fully featured business consultancy, for national companies as well as for foreign investors, supporting them in achieving their business goals.

We secured a solid, one step at a time business development. We fully dedicate focus, effort and care to all new services added to the portfolio of Media Consulta International.

There’s freedom in doing things your way, in being independent and this freedom often leads to spectacular, outstanding performances. As all good things, however, this freedom has its price: the price of permanently surpassing one's limits.