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Media and PR

The lobby instruments most frequently used in fast moving markets are: research and surveys to present solid cases and arguments directly to decision makers; educational and informative events during which decision makers are presented and fully familiarized with the results; public debates; legal monitoring and counselling.

According to a GFK Romania survey (January, 2012), NGOs are the main players on the Romanian lobbying landscape. They are followed by multinationals, and only 4% are specialized lobby companies that act in the name of specific clients.

Founder of Media Consulta International, Mihai Craiu, is one of the most effective international and domestic lobbyist and amongst the most active militants for the initiative of regulating the lobby activity in Romania. Through his career he supported this activity both by organizing international events (Bill Clinton in Romania; Mikhail Gorbachev, in Romania; Viscount Etienne D’Avignon and Richard Haas in Romania) as well as domestic events (such as eGovernment, a two days Davos of Communication and Technology with participation at the highest level).

It is well known that Romania has no lobby law. We have the PR tools to compensate for it:

  • Brainpower & Relationships
  • Creative & intelligent media coverage
  • Soft and distinguished political lobby
  • Marketing intelligence and skills
    There’s freedom in doing things your way, in being independent and this freedom often leads to spectacular, outstanding performances. As all good things, however, this freedom has its price: the price of permanently surpassing one's limits.